Rick’s Cabaret New York Girl With A Reminder About Father’s Day And A Modern-Day Suggestion

neck tieRick’s Cabaret New York Girl Vanessa wants to remind everyone that Sunday, June 17th is Father’s Day. “Don’t forget to buy a gift for your Dad,” purred the 21 year-old beauty who dances at Rick’s Cabaret, the world famous gentlemen’s club (50 West 33rd Street) in the heart of midtown Manhattan.

“The necktie is the traditional gift for Father’s Day,” she explained, “so I posed for some photos wearing a tie to help you remember.”

“The tie is a nice gift, but a little old fashioned,” she said. “For a modern day gift idea, I suggest that you bring him to Rick’s Cabaret New York where the girls and I will dance for your Dad and give him a Father’s Day he will never forget! Haha!”

Rick’s Cabaret is well known for its beautiful performers, luxurious setting, and warm hospitality.

Rick’s Cabaret New York’s Top-Rated Steakhouse on the second floor, under the direction of acclaimed Chef Jayson Margulies, features fine dining and late-night supper.

The club also offers a Businessmen’s Lunch Special that is served daily, noon until 3pm, that has been called “a tasty three course meal that would please any executive or Wall Street deal-maker.”

Highly recommended.

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